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About us

International Audio Holding (IAH) develops, manufactures and markets a line-up of the   highest quality cables and speakers. Today, our trademarks Siltech(®) and Crystal Cable(®) are recognized and trusted throughout the world.

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International Audio Holding B.V.’s trademarks

International Audio Holding B.V. is the owner of the trademarks Siltech(®)  and Crystal Cable(®), as well as other product brands and corresponding logo’s. International Audio Holding B.V. takes great care of protecting and maintaining its intellectual property rights. Authentic products are only sold through exclusive dealers. Each product comes with a unique serial number in order to protect our customers against counterfeit sellers, but also to make sure the quality sold while using our trademarks is the quality we aim to deliver.

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Any third parties responsible for the sale and/or offer for sale of any products replicating Siltech or Crystal Cable products or using IAH’s trademarks without IAH’s permission, in such a way that may dilute our marks, reputation or cause confusion as tot the origin of the product, are liable for trademark infringement.

Buyers on the internet

It is legal to re-sell authentic Silltech and/or Crystal Cable products that were purchased in their original, unaltered form. However, we find it very unlikely that one of our customers will re-sell their products through the means of wesbites like or similar to eBay or Alibaba. Therefore, we advise to purchase our products only through our licensed distributors’ website and/or store.

In case of any doubt about the authenticity of products offered for sale containing one of our trademarks, we urge you to ask for the serial number corresponding to the offered product. In case the serial code cannot be provided by the seller, our rule is that the product offered for sale is a counterfeit. However, in case a serial number is provided and doubts about the authenticity of the product still exist, we advise you to contact us in order for us to verify the serial number.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]