International Audio Holding B.V.

International Audio Holding is the company behind the globally renowned and prolific brands Siltech and Crystal Cable.

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Counterfeit product warning

We take great care in protecting and maintaining our intellectual property rights. Advances in audio performance are driven by competition – but are also undermined by fake products: they may look like the real thing but they will fail totally when it comes to delivering genuine performance.

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Siltech & Crystal Cable in Innovations TV episode!

Innovations TV spend some time in The Netherlands a while ago to film Siltech and Crystal Cable in their home country. It was aired at the Discovery channel (US & Canada) and now you can watch here!

HiFi Plus Magazine interview

with Edwin and Gabi Rijnveld

Is a wire ‘just a wire’? That’s the question… in the HiFi+ Guide to Cables Edwin & Gabi Rijnveld (Siltech & Crystal Cable) are interviewed about cables and more!


CES Las Vegas January 6-9, 2016

Siltech and Crystal Cable’s suite featured a Virtual Reality experience (with International Audio Holding’s own VR movie), music through Crystal Cable’s Minissimo Diamond loudspeakers, CCDB Subissimo and Siltech’s SAGA and among many visitors a quite famous one; Graham Nash (yes, the Nash in Crosby, Stills & Nash… and sometimes Young)!

CES 2016 collage

Some of our superb products


Minissimo Diamond

Minissimo Diamond

Emperor Double Crown

Royal Signature Series Interconnect Cables Emperor Double Crown 1

Triple Crown

Triple Crown 1

Absolute Dream Speaker Cables

Absolute Dream Speaker Cables 2

Absolute Dream Interconnect Cables

Absolute Dream Interconnect Cables 2

SAGA V1 & P1

SAGA V1 & P1 3



Arabesque Glass Master

Picture 3432

Absolute Arabesque

Absolute Arabesque